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AmeraCore ACM Aluminum Composite Material by Alumanate

Why Use ACM Panels in Your Sign Making?

Accepts all digital and printed vinyl graphics.

Economical. Lightweight. Durable.

Won’t rot. Can outlast wooden signs.

Applications: From basic wayfinding to major sign installations, ACM panels make for quick, budget fitting solutions.

Alumanate Standard ACM Datasheet

AmeraCore by Alumanate ACM Products Here

The Right Panel for All Your Signs
Available in sheets from 1mm to 6mm.

Small wayfinding signs look great with a 1mm panel. Larger sign projects will require a little more thickness - such as 3mm or 6mm.

Alumanate Signage Product Spec Sheet

Alumanate MSDS

Alumanate UL

AmeraCore by Alumanate ACM Premium Here

AmeraCore by Alumanate Steel Composite Panels
For Sign Making

All the benefits of the original AMC panels, with the added bonus of a galvanized steel white board surface.
Perfect for magnets. 

AmeraCore by Alumanate Steel Composite Panels Datasheet

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