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Item #: BG400GPO

ScrapeRite™ Big Gripper with 2 Orange Blades, general purpose plastic razor blades

Product Info


  • Same as the Lil Gripper, but with a longer handle for better grip, leverage
  • Used to remove grease, gum, grime, stickers, tape, paint off boats, bikes, and cars, kitchens, bath, and more without leaving scratches
  • Comes with 2 double-edged plastic razor blades
  • ALL ScrapeRite Plastic Razor Blades fit this blade holder
  • Orange plastic razor blades (general purpose) – a little pliable/flexible, for use on delicate surfaces
  • Yellow plastic razor blades (acrylic) – rigid and strong, for hard flat surfaces
  • Blue plastic razor blades (polycarbonate) – hard and flexible, for surfaces that can handle more friction and pressure
  • Black plastic razor blades (industrial strength) – new tough material, more resistant, for heavy use in industrial applications
  • Test in a hidden area to ensure scratch free scraping
  • These blades are not for cutting

Item Specifications

  • ScrapeRite
  • Vinyl Removal Tool
Available in Grand Rapids, MI
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