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55yd Process Cyan Iimak Cassette

Item #: FGB308C1S

55yd Process Cyan iimak Cassette

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Duracoat resin ribbon cartridges and refills from IIMAK are a competitive alternative when replacing ribbons in the GerberEdge® and GerberEdge 2®.
Available in 29 vibrant colors, these resin ribbons are designed to deliver exceptional outdoor print quality and durability on vinyl, making them the ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications.
This advanced formulation results in excellent detail, fine lines and halftones in addition to superior UV, smudge, scratch, and water resistance all WITHOUT lamination, 3-5 years outdoor durability.

Item Specifications

  • iimak
  • Iimak
  • Process Cyan
  • IIMAK Process Color Foils (EDGE / EDGE 2)
  • 55 yd
Available in Grand Rapids, MI
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