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Item #: P76280A

GerberColor™ Process Pro CMYK Foils for EDGE / EDGE 2 GCP-805 Process Yellow, 45 meter

Product Info


Custom-formulated, resin-based, semi-gloss foils for four-color process prints, process color simulations of solid PANTONE® colors, EDGE Match™, and photographic bitmap reproductions. Three-year exterior life performance. Use with GerberColor Spectratone to produce additional colors. Warranted as specified when used on Gerber-approved EDGE READY materials.

Item Specifications

  • Gerber
  • Process Yellow
  • GCP-805
  • GerberColor™ Process Pro CMYK Foils (EDGE / EDGE 2)
  • 45 Meter
Available in Grand Rapids, MI
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