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GerberColor™ Transparent Foils for EDGE FX™GCX-30 White / SpectraTint™, 45 meter

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GerberColor Spectra foils are designed for overprinting to modify the appearance of base color foils. Use these foils to produce a wider range of EDGE-printed spot colors, to better match hard-to-hit corporate identity program colors or to create special shading effects on shapes and large text. All effects are achieved with solid fill printing. SpectraTint has been designed to lighten the appearance of the base color, while SpectraShade will darken it. Both foils have been formulated for outdoor use for up to three years. Spectra foils can triple the range of spot colors that are printable with a shop’s current inventory of foils.

Item Specifications

  • Gerber
  • White / SpectraTint™
  • GCX-30
  • GerberColor™ Transparent Foils (EDGE FX)
  • 45 Meter
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