PODHMF - POD2 Half Moon Foam with Velcro

Item #: PODHMF
POD2 Half Moon Foam with Velcro

For the application and removal of any brand of vehicle wrap film, paint protection film, and window tint film as well as for pre and post cleaning

  • A non-corrosive and non-chemical steaming technique
  • Powerful flow of steam softens the film, eliminating some of the difficulties like broken glue, “stretch marks”, silvering, whitening of chrome films, and tiny particles that get under the film
  • Steam is delivered at a reduced temperature so it doesn’t harm the film or the installer
  • Allows the installer the ability to correct mistakes without wasting additional pieces of film
  • Multi-functional set of interchangeable heads for steaming almost everything on the vehicle, inside and out (some accessories stored in the top front compartment of steamer)
  • Uses just one liter of distilled water to clean and steam the average vehicle (Mineral composites in regular hard water will breakdown and clog the lines)
  • Pressure on Demand 2.0 System is specially designed with a low carbon footprint in mind