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POD 2.0 Steamer

Product Info

  • A non-corrosive and non-chemical steaming technique used for the application or removal of paint protection films, vinyl films, and wraps
  • Powerful flow of steam softens the film, eliminating some of the difficulties like broken glue, “stretch marks”, silvering, whitening of chrome films, and tiny particles that get under the film
  • Steam is delivered at a reduced temperature so it doesn’t harm the film or the installer
  • Allows the installer the ability to correct mistakes without wasting additional pieces of film
  • Multi-functional set of interchangeable heads for steaming almost everything on the vehicle, inside and out (some accessories stored in the top front compartment of steamer)
  • Uses just one liter of distilled water to clean and steam the average vehicle (Mineral composites in regular hard water will breakdown and clog the lines)
  • Pressure on Demand 2.0 System is specially designed with a low carbon footprint in mind

Available in Grand Rapids, MI
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