Sola Yellow UV Curable Ink 1Ltr

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Sola UV Curable Ink 1 Liter Bottle Yellow

Product Info


  • Designed for Stratojet Shark FB1212, and Econo EFB-2512 Flatbed UV Printer
  • Specially formulated to optimize jetting reliability, extending the life of the print head nozzles and printer
  • Provides color consistency, accuracy, saturation and a wide color gamut
  • Ink adhesion on most common signage substrates – exceptionally good on corrugated plastics
  • Reduced VOC’s, Sola UV ink is not diluted with solvents, does not dry by evaporation, it polymerizes (cures)
  • UV ink is flexible, and dries instantly; projects can be ready to package, ship or install
  • Shelf Life: All colors – 1 year, white – 6 months
  • 1 liter bottles

Item Specifications

  • Stratojet
  • Yellow
  • Sola UV
  • 1 Liter
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