Using the Wensco NOW Mobile App

For your convenience, Wensco Sign Supply now offers a mobile app for Apple and Android phones!

Simply go to your device's app store and download the Wensco NOW app. The user name and password you use for is all you need!

If you experience any problems with the app, please call 800-253-1569, or email us at


What is offline mode?

Offline mode (beta) is a new feature in the app that allows you to access your Favorites, Wish Lists, and Order Templates offline if synced with your device.

While offline, if you have synced data, you can 'Queue' up Add to Cart, and Quick Checkout requests that can be processed when online again.

How can I access my content offline?

By 'syncing' your Favorites, Wish Lists, and Order Templates while online, you can gain access to them even without a connection to the internet.
'Syncing' is the process of gathering all the related information and saving it to your device.

How do I sync my content to my device?

To sync your content, click the 'Sync' Icon/Text on the top right of the display.
This will trigger a download of all the related content for what you are syncing.

Can I make orders and Add to Cart while offline?

You can! If you have 'synced' Order Templates, and you have Order Templates set up to allow quick checkout, simply click 'Quick Checkout' and an order will be 'Queued'.
Otherwise, just 'Add to Cart' like you normally would in Order Templates, Favorites, and Wish Lists, and those requests will be 'Queued' as well.
If you have 'Queued' when you're online again, you will be prompted to 'Process' your queue, which will take you through your offline actions, and process them online.