(L to R: Domingo Tobar, Tyler Hull, and Mike Hull)

A Slightly Serious, but Always Knowledgeable Sign Podcast

Join Mike, Tyler, and Domingo as they pull back the curtain on the sign industry with some real insider knowledge in the Slightly Serious Sign Podcast.

Get the scoop on industry happenings, sign shows (the good and the skippable), sign shop stories, musings, and more as they sit down with manufacturers, reps, sign shop owners, and even our competition to talk and learn about sign makers' favorite products, new products, tips and tricks, and everything else under the sun in the biz.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in the sign industry, this podcast has something for everyone. Grab your drink of choice, relax, and tune in to this slightly serious but always knowledgeable sign podcast.


The Slightly Serious Sign Podcast is hosted by Mike Hull, Tyler Hull, and Domingo Tobar and produced, recorded, and edited by Rick Villanueva with sponsorship from Wensco Sign Supply.