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France 6000v 30mA 120v Self Enclosed Outdoor Transformer

Product Info


  • Outdoor non-weatherproof self-enclosed neon transformer, eliminates the need of a transformer box when used inside a building behind the wall or above a ceiling (not behind an exterior parapet).
  • UL 2161 compliant w/patented LED diagnostic indicator light and service button, which allows SCGFP to be overridden for up to 30 minutes, allowing easy troubleshooting of ground faults and primary wiring problems.
  • Easy hook up of the primary and secondary GTO wires – wiring enters the upper ends of the enclosure through pre-punched knock-out holes and easily connect to the terminals in the top of the unit. Just remove the top.
  • Easy to carry handle and on/off toggle switch.
    Warranty: 3 yrs from date of manufacture.

Item Specifications

  • 30mA
  • France
  • Magnetic
  • 120
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